Monday, August 15, 2005

Literary Dynamite

Mes Amis

For anyone who cares, I met with my dissertation supervisor today and must change a couple of lines here and there, but finally, the damn thing is ready to be submitted! Huzzah! This may, depending on a few variables, mark the end of my career as a professional philosophist*. And if I do end it is merely because the career of a philosophist is a bit like joining a pyramid scheme; for many people it is, sadly, a money-losing rather than money making proposition (but wait; I still have to hear about one more grant application!)

And what have I been doing since realising I am almost at the last hurdle? That's right, reading The Onion. And this story caught my eye. I do hope Miss Reichs does not become a fugitive from justice following her innocent blurbing of something I am sure she did not realise was so dangerous... If it turns to be the D* V**** C*** I trust they will conduct a controlled explosion somewhere far out of the way of innocent people.

Au Revoir


*Before it really begins, I suppose. After all I am only a measley little postgrad.


Aldo said...


I'm still working toward my PhD. Coursework almost completed and then the disseration.....a year or two of my life I would guess.


Russel said...


Its a great thing to work towards. I would love in a way to have gone the whole hog (and who knows, I may yet) but the expense is going to kill me and since philosophy isn't considered too important in terms of funding... still, the MLitt - and unless I've really cocked up I should get it - feels good.

Best of luck with the PhD!

that girl said...

yay!! well done buddy!!
congrats and I'll see you saturday.