Thursday, August 11, 2005


Mes Amis

Just to prove I'm not dead, I present a little bit of beardy fun. With thanks to Beccy for sending this along and brightening an otherwise dull morning.

Let me assure you that neither myself nor Mr Stuart MacBride are featured. So that narrows down your potential answers. It also gives me something aim for. If I can be featured in beardy quizzes one day I'll know I've made it.

Oh and keep the speakers on. You'll want to dance to some of the featured sounds.

Anyway, in the absence of real news this just proves I'm alive.

Till next time, mes amis,

Au revoir



Jennifer Jordan said...

Crips, that's loud!

I didn't recognize a single damn beard!


Russel said...

Haha! Ten out of ten! Only one stumped me and I got that through pure luck.

And yes, some of the music took me a little by surprise!

Ahhh... the internet, such a wonderful waste of time.

Aldo said...

See my attempt at a beard while on vacation...Sort of a MacBride look

Stuart MacBride said...

How do we know it's not just some sort of badger that's got hold of your blogger account details? Maybe you are dead and the victim of badger identity theft.

It happens more often than you'd think.