Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Public Service Announcement

Mes Amis

Just got an email from the authors of The Daughters of Freya, an online mystery we reviewed back in Crime Scene Scotland nov/dec '04. They're planning a group reading of the mystery:

On August 1, we're launching a Group Read of The Daughters of Freya. Readers will not only read the mystery at the same time, they will be able to discuss it as it happens in an online forum during the three weeks it takes for the mystery to unfold. (Since all readers receive the installments at the same time, nobody can 'spoil' the mystery for others.) The idea is to create a shared experience out of what is normally a solitary activity. The Group Read is being run in conjnction with, a website devoted to alternate reality gaming, who will set up the forum for the online discussion. Readers who want to take part can purchase the mystery at a special price of US$3.99 (Cdn.$4.79) at:

The Daughters of Freya is an interesting concept, using emails and weblinks to tell a story in "real time" over the space of three weeks. Check out their website for more information or you can also check down the bottom of the review for an article about the project by one of the guys in charge, Michael Betcherman.

Au revoir



Jennifer Jordan said...

Yes. No need to go to any panels beyond your own. Stay in the bar, be one with the bar.

And, if you'll notice, Mark B always looks surprised.


Russel said...

Oh, Jen, I am always at one with the bar (except when I'm driving)...

I shall keep my eye out at Harrogate (and, of course, before someone gets in with the obvious joke, everything else in) and see if Mr B is still looking surprised then.

Russel said...

Damn, I mean Bcon. I should proofread my own posts.