Sunday, July 10, 2005

Coming Soon..

Mes Amis

I'm completing work on the next issue of Crime Scene Scotland( as a brief teaser, issue #14(who'da thunk we'd make it that far?) includes:

Fiction by Ed Lynskey: "Daddy Warbucks"
Review: JA Konrath's "Bloody Mary"
An interview with JA Konrath by Pat Mullan
Review: Peter Pavia's "Dutch Uncle"
Fiction by Patrick Lambe: "Traffic Violation"
Review: Wade Miller's "Branded Woman"

Plus a few more surprises (I have to confirm a couple of items)and all the usual nonsense including our Quick Hits over the last few months, a postbag and another cool classic cover.
It should be great fun and if all goes well will be available by the end of July 15. Read it, love it, fear our contributors who have to undergo special trials before being allowed near our hallowed, virtual pages...

Au revoir



Anyone notice the, ahem, deliberate mistakes I made earlier? All fixed now as it is issue 14 and really, I couldn't figure how to spell "who'da" properly. Anyway, I can now confirm as an addition to the contents of this issue we've also got James Clar on Marlowe and Thelma Todd's Cafe.

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