Monday, June 27, 2005

Panel Beating

Mes Amis

It had to happen one day, right? Some poor fool has decided I can sit on a panel at Bouchercon this year. The name of the panel is "The short and the short of it" which I assume might mean we're talking short stories. Hey, that's cool. All I got is short stories. I've been doing my research and know that most of the rest of my panel have been in AHMM as well, so I guess I'm in good company (and I've emailed most of them and they seem pretty good guys and gals so that's cool).

Of course, one panel I will have to be present at as a spectator is here... which I reckon might be very entertaining and may result in the "Pay Banks' Bail Bond" fund being put into overdrive.

Anyway, yeah, I'm looking forward to this and I hope, mes amis, that you are, too (that is if you're going to Bouchercon; if not you have no real reason to look forward to it but I'd still be honoured if you did).

Au Revoir


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